Tuesday, 12 November 2013

The day we met !!

Last night I was thinking about the contest, the platinum day of Love. 

 Yeah the best moment to think about her,  my love.
That was a year back. A rainy evening.. I was chatting with my friend, obviously, about my marriage. Family pushing me to getting married those days. I was not ready to be though.

He, my friend, told me about her. I was not exactly listening him, as I was not interested to be.
He said me to meet her. He promised me she is good enough for me.

I was still in not interested mood..!

The next day he called me up and like she is ready to meet me.
I became kinda nervous.  I was afraid that if I liked her..!! OMG..!
Roadside Razi 
I got ready to go.. but still  in  that same old " no interest" mode..!!


lol.. a break for my mind.. I want my mind blank.. no past relationship should not be disturb be for this moment.. but that never happened..!!
my past loves haunted me.. I was enjoyed them few days back but not now..

wait let me clean them from my mind. 
well yeah , I almost won in that..


Suddenly I saw a girl..!!

A shining angel.. I closed my eyes..
I walked to her.. looked at her eyes..
They were shining like  stars..
Her smile made me ice..

Roadside Razi

I take her to the land of love, where we both are alone..
where we both are living to love..

Where clouds are dancing for us..
Where drizzles make us amorous..
I met my dream there..
That was her..

Yeah , man.. I fall in love with her..!!

My friend's call woke me up from the dream.. 
I  murmered..
"I Love her.. Love her loads..!!"
I never wanted to stop that..
I continued .

He said like then go and said directly.. 
That moment only I realized that I was in a dream..

I moved at her.. and asked her slowly..

"Will you marry me..?"


Roadside Razi

And that was the day.. My Platinum day of Love..!!

Published for the "Platinum Day  of  Love" contest by Indiblogger

NB: The picture above is drawn by me and all rights reserved.


  1. Lovely! :)
    All the best for the contest! :) :)

  2. Its really a well written piece. Great work. all the best
    please read my post too

  3. Beautiful sketches, specially the beach one :)

  4. Oh! It was a dream! But, great real pics! :)
    Nice poem-story too! All the best, Razi!

  5. Lovely composition. All the best for the contest !!
    My Entry

  6. Great one. Short and sweet. Good luck :D

  7. Very touching words... a great story :)

    I wrote this, do tell me what you thought....

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