Friday, 30 August 2013

To Delhi...!

Delhi Metro sketch

It was a pleasant evening I reached down in Delhi. I don't remember the date , in the year of 2010 .
I have reached to my friend's room Narayana by the evening 8'o clock.

Friend received me and I was tired like hell. I slept the whole night. He arranged me some city tour for me.

The next morning I woke up a bit late and I missed the tour..! 
I thought a free walk would be better than a packaged trip..

 I choose Agra first and took a ticket to Agra.
The might Taj Mahal was the only destination for me and that was enough to complete my trip..!

Taj Mahal Sketch

The Back door of Taj Mahal.. 

Back door of Taj Mahal Sketch

Taj Mahal Sketch

The next day I have planned to travel around the city and surroundings.. 
I went to the Qutab Minar first. The history itself  there waiting for me.. 

Qutab Minar Sketch

India gate is next...

India Gate Sketch
From Indiagate I have moved to the Juma Masjid.. It was surrounded by an area which is unclean and dirty ..!! aah.. Our India..!! :(
Delhi Juma Masjid Sketch
Aerial View of the Juma masjid and nearby area...
Delhi Juma Masjid Sketch
Red fort is close to the Juma Masjid... I moved to the fort through Lahore gate...
Red Fort SketchRed Fort Sketch

Lahore gate..
Red Fort Lahore Gate Sketch
I have seen Delhi Secretariat while in the Auto...
Delhi Secretariate SketchDelhi Secretariate Sketch

the next day, I moved back to home.. Kerala..!

Travel to anywhere in the planet makes me happy and.. Yeah sketching them is the best hobby of mine,.. So that I can share the colors which I felt there..!!

Note:- The sketches on the story above is drawn by me and all the copyrights are reserved .

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Hobbit Hunt

I have seen the contest named "The Character" . And I have started to search what is this hobbit actually..!!
Of course I have watched the movie "The Hobbit" but still I was curious about to learn the things..
From the first day I could not get even a single clue..

And finally , I found something in Wikipedia..!! 
They are smaller than dwarfs.. With hairy legs, great courageous but shy.. They adept slings and throwing stones ( Copied from Wiki ).

Copyright reserved @Razi
I went to find out one hobbit so that I can sketch him for the contest..
The journey was amazing. I read hobbits are living in caves. So I tried to explore the caves. Suddenly I fell down to some darkness and there I found a blue Dinosaur. 
He doesn't have any hairy leg.. He is not shy.. But I knew that he is very courageous..
I asked him : "Are you a HOBBIT..?? "
He said:  "ha ha man this way.. You will find them out.. I am not the one..!!"
Okay, I was happy like anything. That way takes me to a greenish forest. 
Yeah, it is the place I have seen the Hobbits in the movie.
Suddenly I heard a cry from my feet..!
"Who's that..??"
" It's me dude.. Look down....!!"
A small giraffe is showing his leg. He was angry like anything.. 
I asked :" Bhai you know HOBBITS..?"
He calmed down and said.. " Yes.. I am a Hobbit..!!"
"Thanks buddy.. It's very much pleased to meet you..!!"
He is like : " hmm whatever.. What's your intention..?? Why you are searching HOBBITS..??"
I was like : " Actually I wanted sketch HOBBITS for some contests named 'The Character'..!!"
And then,He said he is busy with his works. He has to give the shoe back before sunset.
And he just said go ahead you can find loads of HOBBITS there..!!
I found a monkey  with sling .. He asked me to sketch him.. But I could not sketch him.. I still don't why..!! 
Thank god he hasn't thrown that stone to me..!!
Accidentally I looked down anddddd...

"Oh Noooooo!!!"

I have got hairy legs..!! Oh.. That was irritating.. !! 
I screamed like hell...!


Someone kicked me out of the bed..!!
I opened my eyes..:O


Note:- The sketches on the story above is drawn by me and all the copyrights are reserved .

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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

School Days !

The first day of my school.. Me and Bappa (Father) walked into the school which is just few meters ago from the home. I was excited..
The teacher came to me and welcomed . I didn't noticed that bappa walked back to home .
I remember that was a Monday.. I stepped into the classroom. 
Classroom has filled with a strange smell which never experienced before ( and filled next18 years of my life.. ufff!! ).. The smell of mighty chalk.. !! I felt that was enjoyable .. Yea..!!
I looked around.. Could not find Bappa (father) anywhere...!!
Few unknown faces stared at me. My eyes were supposed to get filled with tears. 

 Suddenly a boy next to me screamed like for his motherrrr.. Oh, I was just waiting for that beginning..!!
I didn't look anywhere.. I didn't see anyone.. I burst into tears like hell.. !!!

The teacher came in to me and gave a small hug.. I felt my mother's warmth of that hug.. I tried to stop my sob..  She took me to her table.. 
I smelt it again.. The mighty smell of Chalk Powder..!!

From that moment I started to love that smell.. Chalk powder's smell reminds me my first day at school always with a smile !!

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Thursday, 22 August 2013

Trip to Cochin again !!

By this time I have travelled somewhat outskirt of the city.
I preferred Fort Kochi/ Mattanchery, Kalady, Thrippunithura etc.

Can't go anywhere else other than the Dutch Palace for the start.. Yeah I have moved to Mattancheri.

Fort Kochi is not just Kochi.. It is the Kochi !!

Pallippuram Fort has a lot of stories to tell !!
an aerial view of Fort Kochi

From there I moved to the historic Hill Palace Museum, Thripunithura.

And I just wound up the journey there at Kalady 

Monday, 12 August 2013


Some of my Dubai Sketches...!

 Liwa Fort

A Wind Tower .
 Mister Tallest.. Burj Khalifa !

Dubai Museum
 Dubai Heritage Village, Bastakiya !

Abra.. The Traditional Dubai !

Al Jahili Fort.
 Aquaventure, Atlantis !

Jumeirah Mosque!


Ernakulam is not just a city for me. It's the city where my girl friends are living. 

Oberon Mall is having a long fairy tale. ( kinda secret ..! :D )

After Oberon Mall, Bolgatty Palace came to my mind. I have seen it while travelling through Kochi lake.

Jewish Synagogue at Mattancherry , Fort Kochi is another place. 

I cannot leave here without saying the great Ernakulam Marine Drive..!!

Friday, 2 August 2013

Wayanad -2

Edakkal Cave is storing the prehistoric story of human for us. It's like  three huge rocks made a Cave.  I have Nothing else to say about it as it is a must visit place in Wayanad .!

 Pookode lake is one of the biggest natural lake in Kerala. The scenic Pookkode is an amazing place. Kinda Romantic too !!