Monday, 29 July 2013

.. And that's the Wayanad !

That was a rainy day when we reached to the 9th hairpin bend of Wayanad Churam (Ghat) Road. Lakkidi is the place where is getting the highest amount of rainfall in Kerala. The misty mountains and greenish atmosphere are refreshed my mood.

The Chain Tree is located at Lakkidi, where the ghost of Karinthadan , a tribal youth who is brutally murdered by British officers, is living. 

Soochippara waterfalls, Needle Rock Waterfalls in other hand, is one of the beautiful locations in  Wayand. Of course the greenery and misty pathways making her an amazing view. 

From Soochippara , I went to my childhood hero Phantom. He is strong and solid in his Wayand Edition. Phantom rock has given us a strange feeling about Mr. Phantom. Lother wasn't there at that time when visited.  May be he is fighting with those quarry peoples !

The sacred Karappuzha dam is upcoming. I don't have any words , Karappuzha Dam is mind blowing.

Yeah, Me reached at Banasurasagar Dam, one of the biggest Earth Dam in Asia. It was raining when I'd been there. Banasura looks more beautiful while in the rainfall.

.. On the way to Mananthavady,  I 'd seen  a green board which indicates some Jain temple. My curiosity brought me inside the coffee plantation. There I found this ruined Temple.

Kuruva Island was over flooded so, they have closed the entry to the Island. I just walked around, it was fun to be messing with this fantastic nature..!!

And through the Paalchuram, I have finished my Wayanad Trip. !


  1. ho wayanad othiri pravishyam poyitundu.. koraye peru poya koraye kathakal ketitundu.. apop indibloggeril oru wayanad post kandapol bore ayirikum ennu karuthi.. ennalum veruthe nokaalo..

    but sketch cheytha oru blog adhyamayanu kaanune..oru vyathyasthamaya feeling.. bodhichu.. njan ini follow cheyum..comment ittu verupichal kshemikuka suhurthe :-)