Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Mysore.. Not just a memory..!

Well Yeah, Mysore is not just a memory for me. It's more than that. Maybe I have forgotten something there or I left some dreams over there. I don't know..!

By the way , I have been going back to those days through my pencil and pen. Kinda weird attempt I know..!

  Old singer Building somewhere near to the Suburb Bus station is one of the nostalgic area, where I saw Mysore first, followed by a couple of Auto drivers..!  It's spelled wrong in the picture by the way.. ( It is Singer Building not Ginger :D )

.. And when I started to walk to the city bus stand, the classy Clock tower will smile to me. Believe me, Clock tower is looking awesome in the misty mornings.. I swear !

... Well , the Jagan Mohan Palace is not a frequently visited place but still the place is having some great memories..!


There is a gate which would wake me up from the bus when I reached to the Mysore Bus Station. I don't know what exactly its named but it has a key role in my Mysore memories..!

.. Srirangapatna mosque has amazed me many times. We had been there for our weekends and crazy evenings..!

I tried to sketch the mighty Mysore Palace. 

.. And in some weekend we'd planned to climb Chamundi through the steps...!! Man, that was awesome..

I have visited St. Philomina's Church only twice or thrice in my entire Mysore life.. I don't know may be the huge rush of that area made me to stay away .. Even I don't remember how many times I went to Mandi Mohalla ..!!

To Gangothri...!

Manasagangothri, where I lived.. Dept Of Studies in Geography was the nest. Where University tried to dig our asses to the fundamentals of Geography.. :P

Library was one of the best place for rest..! I myself let me sleep almost everyday when I get bored from the drammatic Geographical Studies.. Those Hundred Years old books sung lullaby for me.. 
I still thankful for them and thats the way I became a book lover !! :P

Love maadi.. love maadi.. love maadi...!!  Kukkarahalli kere melodiously sung it for me.. :D

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