Tuesday, 27 August 2013

School Days !

The first day of my school.. Me and Bappa (Father) walked into the school which is just few meters ago from the home. I was excited..
The teacher came to me and welcomed . I didn't noticed that bappa walked back to home .
I remember that was a Monday.. I stepped into the classroom. 
Classroom has filled with a strange smell which never experienced before ( and filled next18 years of my life.. ufff!! ).. The smell of mighty chalk.. !! I felt that was enjoyable .. Yea..!!
I looked around.. Could not find Bappa (father) anywhere...!!
Few unknown faces stared at me. My eyes were supposed to get filled with tears. 

 Suddenly a boy next to me screamed like for his motherrrr.. Oh, I was just waiting for that beginning..!!
I didn't look anywhere.. I didn't see anyone.. I burst into tears like hell.. !!!

The teacher came in to me and gave a small hug.. I felt my mother's warmth of that hug.. I tried to stop my sob..  She took me to her table.. 
I smelt it again.. The mighty smell of Chalk Powder..!!

From that moment I started to love that smell.. Chalk powder's smell reminds me my first day at school always with a smile !!

Published for the Smelly to smiley Contest by Ambipur in association with Indiblogger.


  1. Pretty illustrations Razi! Do you do them on your smartphone using a sketching app?

    1. Nup Ragini, I used to sketch on the paper then paint them in Photoshope !

      Thanks By the Way!