Friday, 30 August 2013

Hobbit Hunt

I have seen the contest named "The Character" . And I have started to search what is this hobbit actually..!!
Of course I have watched the movie "The Hobbit" but still I was curious about to learn the things..
From the first day I could not get even a single clue..

And finally , I found something in Wikipedia..!! 
They are smaller than dwarfs.. With hairy legs, great courageous but shy.. They adept slings and throwing stones ( Copied from Wiki ).

Copyright reserved @Razi
I went to find out one hobbit so that I can sketch him for the contest..
The journey was amazing. I read hobbits are living in caves. So I tried to explore the caves. Suddenly I fell down to some darkness and there I found a blue Dinosaur. 
He doesn't have any hairy leg.. He is not shy.. But I knew that he is very courageous..
I asked him : "Are you a HOBBIT..?? "
He said:  "ha ha man this way.. You will find them out.. I am not the one..!!"
Okay, I was happy like anything. That way takes me to a greenish forest. 
Yeah, it is the place I have seen the Hobbits in the movie.
Suddenly I heard a cry from my feet..!
"Who's that..??"
" It's me dude.. Look down....!!"
A small giraffe is showing his leg. He was angry like anything.. 
I asked :" Bhai you know HOBBITS..?"
He calmed down and said.. " Yes.. I am a Hobbit..!!"
"Thanks buddy.. It's very much pleased to meet you..!!"
He is like : " hmm whatever.. What's your intention..?? Why you are searching HOBBITS..??"
I was like : " Actually I wanted sketch HOBBITS for some contests named 'The Character'..!!"
And then,He said he is busy with his works. He has to give the shoe back before sunset.
And he just said go ahead you can find loads of HOBBITS there..!!
I found a monkey  with sling .. He asked me to sketch him.. But I could not sketch him.. I still don't why..!! 
Thank god he hasn't thrown that stone to me..!!
Accidentally I looked down anddddd...

"Oh Noooooo!!!"

I have got hairy legs..!! Oh.. That was irritating.. !! 
I screamed like hell...!


Someone kicked me out of the bed..!!
I opened my eyes..:O


Note:- The sketches on the story above is drawn by me and all the copyrights are reserved .

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  1. Excellent sketch Razi. I wish that you meet the actual Hobbit at least before your next wedding anniversary! :) And as you said that you couldn't sketch the monkey, it is probably me who added the monkey in your sketch. ;)

    1. There is a chance for that ranjith.. :P

      Thanks By the way :)

  2. Great sketch Razi! Wish I was as talented! Best of luck for the contest! :D

    1. Thank You !
      You are talented than me, your blog posts says that :)

  3. Congratulations on your first IB win Razi! :)

  4. Congratulations Razi! See I told you, the sketches are just awesome! :)