Thursday, 26 September 2013

Hyderabad Fantasy !

Another Friday , I just simply sat in front of the system. It's the 4th day I am in the bed. Wounds hurt like hell. I looked around, the bookshelf behind me has smiled at me. That place killed my boredom of these days..! It has many books in it. She opened her heart to me .

Unexpectedly , I saw a CD there. I got up and took that. Its our college trip's video.
I put that into the Laptop.. 
Memories ..!


"Hello hello.. Welcome to my city"
I surprised to see him, Mister Rabbit Reddy. He introduced himself..
He told me that he can guide me the whole Hyderabad.  And that too with free of cost.. Strange huh..?

 He took me all around with my papers. He told me to  start from  Secunderbad Railway station.. :)


Secunderabad Railway Station

 He took me to the Hotel Alfa just in front of the railway station We just walked into the hotel and ordered  Hyderabadi Biriyani.. The first and best thing we have to have from Hyderabad ! Its quiet crowded and  we suffer a lot to find a seat..still he managed to find a better place to sit ! But, the Biriyani was Yummy .. 


From there we started to walk.. I don't know where to, he guided me.
That was a pretty good time to walk. We saw The famous Secunderabad Clock Tower 

Secunderabad Clock Tower

We took an auto from there to the mighty Hussain Sagar lake. The Hussain Sagar lake is the place where PV Narasimha Rao buried. I felt the lake is just like its shape, the heart of the city. 
Hussain Sagar Lake
There is a statue of Lord Buddha in the lake. And boating services to the statue is also there. 
We both are  walked through the clean and  neat walkway in the Lakeshore. 

NTR Garden

NTR Garden , the memorial of the former Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister and Film star N.T. Rama Rao, is located nearby the Hussain Sagar lake.

Prasad's Imax

Prasad's Imax , one of the multiplex of the city, located behind the NTR Garden. It's lunch time, well  we went into the food court and have some from Subway.  

Andhra Pradesh Assembly building

The Andhra Pradesh Assembly building is just next to the NTR Garden. A White Palace, which is the gem of Hyderbad's Architecural pride. 

We took a bus to the Golkonda , he told me it is the birthplace of mighty Koh-I-Noor. I wondered , I didn't know that before ..!
Golconda Fort

I am pretty excited to see the Golkonda,  the land of coveted gems..!!
Golconda Fort
Golkonda is the ruined city , the capital city of the kingdom of Golkonda
Ibrahim Quli Qutub Shah Wali, the fourth Qutub King of the Qutub Shahi Dynasty is the main builder of Golkonda.. The fort is the major part of the city.

Golconda Fort

 He took me all around the fort. I smelt the ancient human life everywhere. Wondered about the will power. We left the fort after the Light and sound show in the evening.. The show has the whole history of the Golkonda and Hyderabad !! Rabbit Reddy always clarifies my doubts .

Next Day..!!
I have heard a lot about the Ramoji Rao Film City, one of the biggest film studios in the world..! I asked him to take me there..
 Ramoji Rao Film City

Ramoji Film City is located Hayath Nagar. It is the largest integrated film city in the world (1666 acres.)!! The film city is set up in the year of 1996 by one of the biggest names in the Telugu film industry, Ramoji Rao and crew.
Apart from film , Ramoji Film City receiving lakhs of tourists per year !

 Ramoji Rao Film City

We did not even get a single minute to sketch the place, that much time needed to see the whole film city. Man this is big!!
 The Sun sets before we reached the room.

The Last Day !
Today morning I woke up with the desire to see the Osmania University and Koti Womens College, Hyderabad's Educational  as well as Architectural pride!! Rabbit Reddy was there to fulfill my desires..

We took the local suburban  train to the Jamia Osmania Station..

Osmania University
Osmania University ( founded 1918) , the public state University, named after the Nizam, Mir Osman Ali Khan, is the first university have the Urdu as a medium of  Instruction.The main building of the university itself is the attraction ..! 

Koti Womens College
The Koti Womens College is located nearby the Koti Bus terminus.
From there I took a bus to the Salarjung Museum..

Salar Jung Museum

Salarjung Museum is located the shore line of Mursi River, Afzalgunj. Nawab Mir Yusuf  Ali Khan Salarjung III , Prime Minister of Nizam, spend his lifetime for forming this priceless collection. Its India's 3rd largest museum in India and biggest one-man collection in the world.  He told me lots of Salarjung III's collections are stolen in the previous era. Still Salarjung Museum is one of the best Museum and a must see location in Hyderabad..!!

 From Salarjung, He, Rabbit Reddy, planned to go Charminar, Bangle Bazar and Mecca Masjid.. The identities of Hyderabad!
We reached . In front of me I saw the mighty Charminar..! 
The Charminar, Built in 1591 AD, is the global icon of Hyderabad. Rabbit Reddy told me, Mursi River flows somewhere North West side of Charminar. Widely believe that the Cherminar constructed in the memory of the eradication of Plague. Rabbit Reddy knows each and every point of the history of Charminar. He described the whole history of Plague and Qutub dynasty.

We walked to the Makkah masjid. It is just few meters. 

Mecca Masjid
One of the biggest Mosque in the country, Makkah Masjid is the one of the major heritage locations in the city. Which is situated nearby heritage attractions Chawmahalla Palace and Laad bazar

Mecca Masjid

Muhammed Qutab Quli shah , the 5th ruler of Qutub Dynasty brought soil from Makkah to the construction of the masjid. The main hall of the mosque is 75 feet high , 220 feet wide and 180 feet long, enough to accommodate 10,000 worshippers at a time.! The entrance courtyard of the mosque, a rectangular, arched and canopied building houses the marble graves of Asaf Jahi rulers.
But still the uncleaned location made me feel so bad in the end..!

Then , We catch the next bus to the Nehru Zoological Park, A zoo which is named after the former Prime Minister Jawahar Lal Nehru. 

Nehru Zoological Park

Tok Tok Tok..!
  Suddenly, I heard a sound.. !
Rabbit Reddy ran away..!! 

Mom called me to have lunch. I closed my Laptop and moved to the bathroom  to wash my face. The wounds are still hurting, but Hyderabadi dream made a smile on my face! 


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