Thursday, 12 September 2013

The Revolution..!

Shopping 2030
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Shopping has a great history along with the human society.
From the Ancient period , the Society has used many evolutionary modes of shopping .
As per my history textbook ( I don't have any other reference by the way !) , Society started their shopping as Barter system !
May be they bought a goat by giving their bananas and Jack fruits !

Later, man became more intelligent ( I don't know how ! :D )
He began to use currency.  Through money they started to buy anything what they wanted.
The computer would be one of the greatest invention and  man spend his money to buy computers too !

Well, Yeah these days Computer and internet giving us much better shopping experience from our own monitor ! Online shopping like ebay save our time in a large scale !

Recently, I had a dream about shopping. Which would be like, make our mood for shopping by some instrument and dream...The dream would come to us by courier ..!!! 
I felt it kind of strange , wild.. !!

But, if this is the scene of the shopping in the current days, why not a dream shopping experience would come..??

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